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Denis Lafon is coming from a long line of wine growers.

The story starts tt the 18th century, in the reign of Louis XIV (French King), several acts of the royal solicitors of Blaye testify of Jean Arnaud’s wine making activity. Jean Arnaud, ancestor on father’s side, was a small farmer who rented his arms and who bought small plots of vines to create his own vineyard.

His son pursued with doggedness the extension of his heritage, as shown by an act signed by the Public Solicitor under the French Revolution (1789).

One of his descendants built in 1850 the house and the cellar of Château Du Cavalier, the current Denis Lafon’s residence.


From mother side, the story of Jean Lamit remained lively in the family memory. In 1815, 11 years old, he worked in a plot of vines while the English artillery of Admiral Wellington fired in the direction of the Citadel of Blaye.

Numerous stories as this one illustrate the history of the family Lafon established in the vineyards of the Appellation Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux since several generations.

Closer to us, Denis Lafon pursues the adventure of this long line of wine producers by creating his own winery in 1967, year when he bought Château Du Grand Barrail, named in the first Ferret as Cru Artisan. In 1971, he bought Château Gardut Haut Cluzeau. These two estates added to Château Du Cavalier – transmitted by his father – are now known as Vignobles Denis Lafon.

As from 1975, the wines of these Châteaux were exported, firstly in Europe, then in the USA and for a few years in Asia.

The wines from Vignobles Denis Lafon are regularly rewarded in National and International Wine Competitions.

Not content to develop his wine making activity, Denis Lafon took part with other wine growers to enhance the reputation of the appellation Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux. He was during 15 years alternately responsible for promotion,

then vice-president and finally President of the Appellation Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux. He also chaired for these last 10 years, the Board of Directors of his bank, Crédit Agricole d’Aquitaine, the 1st French Bank. Denis Lafon is officer of “Agricultural Merit” and Vice big Master of Connétablie of the wine growers of Blaye.

In 2014, Stéphane Dejoué Denis’ nephew, jointed the company as GM and co-owner  and brought international experience, To continue developing Vignobles Denis Lafon, Stéphane bought 7,5 new hectares to increase vineyard up to 43 ha.

Always worried about the development and seriousness of his company, they manage a competent team, the Vignobles Denis Lafon.


Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux





Grape varieties

90 % Merlot, 10 % Cabernet Sauvignon


Vineyard Age

Old vines, some of them have more than 80 years 



The selected patchs for this Cuvée are harvested late. So this grapes’ potential allowed an interesting extraction and long vatting (under temperature controlled).


12 months ageing in new oak barrels

Tasting Notes

At sight, intense colour with ruby red and brilliant tints. Smell: Ripen red fruits and toasted. In mouth: powerful mouth with aromas of ripens red fruits, woody and spicy finish. Harmonious, well balanced.


Ready to drink. Can also be kept 10 years at least for more complexity


  • 2006: Silver Medal – Paris competition

  • 2007: Gold Medal –  Paris competition

  • 2008: Silver Medal - French Independent Wine Grower competition

  • 2010: Silver Medal – Concours Agricole Paris 2012

  • 2011: Gold Medal – Concours Agricole Paris 2013

                 2 * - Guide Hachette

  • 2012: Bronze Medal – Challenge International du Vin 2015

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