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The Durup family, wine growers for generations, have cultivated the vineyards of Chablis for centuries.

Jean Durup reassembled the vineyards of the Château de Maligny, an estate managed during the last century by Paul Gally his great grandfather.

The overwhelming percentage of ideally exposed hillsides, flinty soil and steep slopes, guarantees wines of exceptionnal quality.

L’Églantière is Jean Durup’s most renowned label in France.

The different Chablis wines marketed under these two famous labels "Château de Maligny" and "l'Eglantière" are all produced from the noble grape variety Chardonnay, the source of excellent wines known for their rich bouquet, subtility, and beautiful greenish color.


With 18 hectares planted in the appellation Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume, DURUP estate is the major producer of this appellation in the area.


The Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume is concentrated in the commune of Maligny and located in well-known places such as l’Ardillier, la Grande Côte, Bois Seguin and l’Homme Mort.


The exposition is oriented west. However some parcels are looking to the South and are generally located in small valleys with a microclimate favouring the concentration and the richness.


The wine produced in this appellation is certainly the rounder of all those ones produced in the Chablis vineyard. It is also the suppler but with a good structure typical of the Premiers Crus.


The Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume is the most famous and the most commercial one of the Premiers Crus of Chablis, due first to its area (130 hectares for 850 hectares of Premiers Crus) and to its closeness to the Grands Crus.


This Chablis Premier Cru provides the perfect accompaniment to fishes served with white butter or with cream.


The good weather conditions during the summer 2018 enabled the production of a great vintage. The Fourchaume 2018 is well balanced, rich, generous, and opens on white floral flavours. The most experienced wine amateurs will appreciate this wine.

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