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lingot martin

The lingot martin compagny, located in the CERDON vineyards, stems from the association in 1970 of three families, after in 2006 one new family.

The lingot, martin, bolliet and guillon families, deeply attached to their lands for several generations, have enhanced the 40 hectares of vineyards they share in the CERDON. Our small compagny is managed by five partners:, Gilles BOLLIET, Jean Luc GUILLON, Frédéric GUILLON and VALET Alexandre. Work in the vineyards, secretarial services, accounting, customer reception and sales are ensured by 10 peoples present both in the vines and wine cellar.

Total turnover is 2 million euros.


Our passion: Respect of the customer through application of a Charter for Quality in all domains and by all members of the team, whatever their job. The quality of the vines themselves, their environment, the grappes, manual harvesting, wine pressing, bottling, custommer reception; thes are key areas of our work that are meticulously orchestrated.


Our quest for greater quality is illustrated by our endeavour to upgrade our current VDQS rating to obtain AOC VIN DU BUGEY CERDON certification. This philisophy within the team is reflected both in our work and in our mental approach. The result is a “naturally sparkling pink CERDON Méthode Ancestrale”.


We recognize your taste in “LOCAL Produce” and would like to work with you and help you discover our vintage CERDON Méthode Ancestrale, which is so characteristic of vineyards of BUGEY region.

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Cuvée Demi Sec




Cultivated on steep hills, the slope is strong, the exposure is ideal for capturing the rays of the sun, the terrain is clay-limestone.

Wine Growing

Vines planted at a density of 7200 feet per hectare. The number of treatments is limited depending on the weather. The input of fertiliser is made from soil and leaf analyses, thus ensuring a better balance between the soil and the vine. Mastery of vigour, stripping, stripping and limiting yields, for better maturation and quality of grapes.

Wine production

Ancestral Method - partial Fermentation with low temperature in vat allowing the getting of a sweet wine weak degree. The wine made clear by filtering, keeps its leaven to follow its fermentation in a natural way in bottle. This causes the birth of the foam. Registered leaven is eliminated by filtering and decanting.

Bottles accept their final sealing so and are ready to be used


Luminous pink color, bouquet of an aroma that is both vivid and subtle, Intense aromas of red fruits, raspberries.

On the palate, very fruity aromas, thin bubble and lightness.

To be noted

Recommended Tasting Temperature is 8 - 10° °C

Image from CERDON Classic Semi-dry - Vuc
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